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Brain Injury Carers Support Project

The Brain Injury Carers Support Project will continue to be dedicated to supporting unpaid carers of adults with an acquired brain injury and will specifically:

  • Work with local hospitals to identify and make early contact with carers of people with an ABI

  • Provide information, advice and support to carers

  • Work with carers to agree personal outcomes which are identified as relevant to the carer

  • Utilise our partnerships to provide financial planning/benefits advice and advice on house adaptations, where required

  • Assist carers to maintain or develop a network of social relationships and support

  • Assist carers to maximise their level of participation in valued life roles and their inclusion in their home and their own community

  • Promote feelings of self-confidence and empowerment to make everyday decisions and life choice

Our aim continues to be to ensure that carers receive specialised, non-judgmental and flexible support from Edinburgh Headway Group.

If you are aware of anyone who would benefit from our service then we are now open to accept referrals from individuals/organisations that supports Carers in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

We also accept self-referrals from carers.  


Overall, our project will continue to provide carers who are resident in the City of Edinburgh and the Lothians an opportunity to access social, recreational and therapeutic opportunities, help with financial planning/benefits/general advice, emotional support and access to up-to-date appropriate information.


Our Carer's Space is held once a month at our premises where Carer's have the opportunity to come together for peer support, socialisation, information, respite and complimentary therapies.


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