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About Us

I was a bit nervous about going along to the Edinburgh Headway Group, but it soon became a real lifeline. The service was really valuable –it helped to talk to people who’d been through something similar and I have regained so much confidence and re-learnt everyday living skills that we all take for granted, As much as your friends and family try to sympathise, they can never truly understand what living with a brain injury is like.

EHG Member

Our Goals


We help people improve their cognitive, physical and emotional abilities to improve their quality of life and help them re-join their communities.


We offer practical and emotional support to members and their families.

Our day centre, social group and carer's space offer respite to families.


We’re committed to raising awareness about ABI to the wider public, the media and Parliament.

Our Services

What We Do

The Edinburgh Headway Group supports the person with the brain injury as well as their family and carers.

For the nearly 40 years, we have provided information, support and services to people with brain injury, their families and carers. As a specialist organisation based in Edinburgh, supporting the longer term needs of people with a brain injury after discharge from hospital, the demand for our service continues to grow.

We work closely with the Scottish Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, Edinburgh hospitals including the Robert Ferguson Unit at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, GPs and social workers to identify those individuals and families who need our support.


This provides an important part of our rehabilitation work enriching the quality of life for our service users whose opportunities to get out of their homes may be very restricted and many activities inaccessible.

Brain Injury Carers Support 

This continues to provide support to unpaid carers via social events, peer groups and our training and information service.

Our once monthly Carer's Space offers peer support, respite, information and complimentary therapy.

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